100' Broward Refit for Club Yacht Charter Nearly Complete

June 29, 2020
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Here at RMK Merrill-Stevens, we are wrapping up a full refit of a 1990s 100' Broward Marine Yacht. The vessel is being refit for Club Yacht Charter, a new addition to the charter scene in Fort Lauderdale. The company aims to make memorable trips "easy to book and efficient to plan."

The vintage 100' Broward will be completed and delivered in August 2020. The refit, according to Project Manager Greg Cox, includes full updates to the interior, electrical system, furniture, and a new aluminum built flybridge. Greg states, "This has been one of the most comprehensive refits in the past three years here at RMK MS." While a massive refit, we service vessels up to 300'. When ready later this summer, the large vessel will leave the South Yard and be hauled out on the RMK MS North Yard.

The goal for each refit project is to "satisfy the owner's requirements without affecting the final quality, deadline, and budget," says Greg. A unique aspect of this refit was working with the company's preferred land-based designers, suppliers, and contractors. "We will always work with the recommended contractors - the owner's guys," says Greg. "There is a whole different way of doing things. Everything in houses is built on right angles… and you have to throw all of that out when working on a boat," he continues. Our team guided designers and contractors along the way, and Greg and the RMK MS team are very satisfied with the results.

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