2020 RMK Merrill-Stevens Employee Spotlight: Cathy Buller

October 23, 2020
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"Maritime industries is a very wide field, and unlimited for those that have interests and roles within."
- Cathy Buller

Earlier this year, we caught up with RMK MS Purchasing Manager Cathy Buller for our Employee Spotlight series. In her position, Cathy supports RMK MS Project Managers and communicates with vendors and vessel owners while aiding in completing projects on-time and at a high level.

Cathy is a passionate supporter of the marine industry and enjoys keeping up with marine technologies and innovations while working at RMK MS. She also knows that staying on top of trends and technologies is a required part of the job. "I meet vendors and buyers both, (and need to understand) the needs and applications to make marine life enjoyable in the social aspects, and productive in the professional fields."

Asked about her most unusual or interesting job before joining RMK MS, Cathy shared that she was once a Nuclear Power Plant Predictive Maintenance Engineer. "We did thermography, oil sampling, vibration analysis, and ultrasonic non-destructive testing of all operating components in two operating units," says Cathy. "That knowledge is applicable to maritime systems also."

Asked what she likes most about working with RMK MS, Cathy says the positive changes the company has brought to the Miami maritime industry:

"We have two yards to support South Florida marine-oriented interests. We cover boats from 30 feet to 200 feet in length, up to 2700 tons. We can support many levels of the maritime industry with this kind of technology."

Asked to describe RMK MS in three words, Cathy chose energy, innovation, and solutioneering (engineering solutions to problems). Cathy has proven herself worthy of the title of a "solutioneer," finding creating ways to solve challenging problems.

Cathy works on a wide array of projects. When asked what her favorite project at RMK MS has been, Cathy mentioned Edonismo, a 58' Sirena yacht. "We implemented the latest in security devices, cruising comfort items, and navigation systems, as well as latest in bottom-paint technology," says Cathy. Cathy states that the proud owner "is now cruising around the world with their family for years to come."