Antifouling Paint & Your Vessel: RMK MS South Interview with Brad Kleinsasser at Sea Hawk Paints

Antifouling Paint & Your Vessel: RMK MS South Interview with Brad Kleinsasser at Sea Hawk Paints

Antifouling Paint & Your Vessel: RMK MS South Interview with Brad Kleinsasser at Sea Hawk Paints

In the marine environment, paint will impact the peak operating performance of your vessel. By forgoing or having the wrong type of antifouling bottom paint, your vessel will burn excess fuel due to marine growth, costing you money and slowing your vessel down.

We recently spoke with Sea Hawk Paints New Nautical Coatings representative Brad Kleinsasser about our partnership, Brad’s role with Sea Hawk Paints, what separates great contractors from good contractors, the importance of antifouling paint, and more. Sea Hawk Paints, an American company with over 40 years of experience in the industry, manufactures premium antifouling paints and coatings of the highest quality for the marine industry. Brad describes Sea Hawk Paints as the company that sets the standard in the industry and only offers “top-shelf” solutions. Sea Hawk Paints was recently acquired by AkzoNobel, the owner of a large portfolio of quality brands, including Interlux and AwlGrip.

Brad started with Sea Hawk Paints as a Distributor Representative and worked up to his current position on the manufacturing side of the business. In his position, Brad provides specs/writeups, paint certs, product training, and full shipyard support.

When asked why Sea Hawk Paints partners with RMK MS South, Brad states, “RMK MS South is a top South Florida shipyard and a legacy brand.” He continues, “It’s rebuilding industry relationships, culture, reputation and trust.”

RMK Merrill-Stevens works with a wide range of skilled contractors to assist in refits, repairs, and maintenance. When asked what separates a great contractor from a good one, Brad says, “No shortcuts -- provide the customer with the best possible products, follow ups, detail, commitment to the project and schedule, and by applying top-quality products for lasting performance.”

Antifouling Talk with Brad from Sea Hawk Paints

Brad says there many factors to consider when determining the type of antifouling paint that should be used, including:

·         Substrate

·         Usage of the vessel

·         Dive cleaning service

·         Water environment

·         Area of operation

When antifouling paint is not used or the wrong type is applied, hard growth will form on the bottom of the vessel. The result, according to Brad, is “fuel burn, frequent maintenance/haul, and reduced performance.” Issues can also arise when contractors do not properly understand the surface preparation, or lack of, on the vessel. “Never underestimate the loss of performance due to bio fouling in South Florida’s harsh environment,” says Brad.

Antifouling paint should be reapplied yearly, as regulated by the EPA. Is it time to consider another application of antifouling paint on your vessel? Consider working with Sea Hawk Paints and RMK Merrill Stevens South.

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