August 2020 RMK Merrill-Stevens Employee Spotlight: Rick Hambley

August 15, 2020
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The August 2020 Employee Spotlight is shining bright on RMK Merrill-Stevens Project manager Rick Hambley. Project Managers play an essential role in overseeing the many projects we have going on within the shipyard and for clients. When asked working with RMK MS, Rick says, "RMK allows me to tackle much larger and complicated jobs than I can do on my own."

Rick leads an interesting life. Before working with RMK MS, Rick once fished for blue marlin around the world while trying to break world records!

When asked who he would switch jobs with if given the opportunity, Rick says, "I would love to switch with Jack Schneider so that I could operate the shiplift on the North Yard." The 2,700T Pearlson shiplift on the North Yard is the largest shiplift in South Florida and allows RMK MS to work on the best and biggest yachts and superyachts in the world.

The three words that Rick uses to describe RMK MS are "integrity, teamwork, and tradition." Teamwork is more important than ever to RMK MS as the team is growing in size by over 75 employees. Read about the ongoing #RMKMSHIRES campaign here.

On the South Yard, Rick has the opportunity to work on many interesting projects. His favorite so far has been Niagara, a 1948 52' Matthews. "I love working on the classics," says Rick. Rick also states that working with the crew and "seeing boats leave knowing they are better off than when they arrived" are the most rewarding aspects of his job.

Thank you to Rick Hambley for participating in our Employee Spotlight and for your leadership!