Championing Superyacht Safety at the Miami Superyacht Center

Championing Superyacht Safety at the Miami Superyacht Center

Few shipyard professionals can say they have never seen a superyacht damaged while hauling a vessel in or out of a yard. For the RMK Merrill-Stevens Miami Superyacht Center, formerly known as RMK MS North, preventing damage to vessels was important enough to invest in the largest full keel capture ship lift in Miami. The 2,700MTrm ship lift can haul vessels up to 240’+ while significantly reducing the chances that damage will occur.

“Safety is our number one concern, and as a company, we are continually striving for better,” says Sean. Sean is an experienced Safety Officer and has served in related roles for the United States Air Force, one of the oldest shipbuilders in the US, Petro-Chem industry, ADMar Shipyard in UAE, and more.

According to Sean, over the next 6-12 months, RMK MS will improve and streamline work practices to increase safety and efficiency with training and new and improved processes leading the way. “In concert with our expanding facilities and capabilities, we are developing improved work safety practices and standards that exceed compliance.”

RMK MS employees are currently undergoing OSHA standards training. The training focuses on equipment operation, PPE, and additional onsite works certifications. RMK MS is also enrolled in the University of South Florida Health, Safety and Consultation Program. “Our team has partnered with USF to ensure that we are not only meeting, but exceeding, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety requirements,” says Allsop.

Over the past decade, there has been an industry-wide shift in safety. “The United States Superyacht Association (USSA) has been instrumental in the industry’s advancement in safety,” says Allsop. The USSA offers OSHA courses through affiliates to enable all shipyards to promote and ensure the safety of their team, vessels, and others. “We care about the wellbeing of yachts and superyachts and those who are in our industry, whether part of the RMK MS family or not,” continues Allsop.