Edonismo Refit - The Unique Project That Just Left RMK MS Shipyard

June 22, 2020
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The RMK MS team recently completed the unique refitting of a 58' Sirena yacht, named Edonismo, which was delivered to pleased owners in mid-April.

Our marketing team recently sat down with RMK MS Project Manager Brent Allsop, who managed the refit of Edonismo. The vessel originally came into the yard for a new electronics package, including an intricate security system that used features from different systems. "When the vessel arrived, the owner requested additional services, including fabricated mast extensions," says Brent.

There was also a special request from the vessel's owner - stab-proof pontoon chaps. Due to the concern of punctured pontoons, whether by accident or intentionally, the owner wanted impenetrable chaps to protect the inflatable pontoons. The chaps needed to be durable and inconspicuous.

Brent and the RMK Merrill-Stevens team acquired fabric woven with Kevlar®. Next, the chaps were designed with the help of a partner company to fit the pontoons properly. Once on the pontoons, the chaps were able to retain a completely natural and unsuspecting look while being completely stab-proof.

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