Electronics System Refits from RMK Merrill-Stevens

July 06, 2020
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RMK Merrill-Stevens recently completed a refit on Edonismo, a beautiful brand-new 58' Sirena Yacht. The refit included a security system that Project Manager Brent Allsop called a 'unicorn.' The system was complex and versatile, including features of several high-tech systems. The owner of the vessel was pleased with the versatility of the RMK MS team and willingness to accommodate their requests.

The electronics portion of the refit was overseen by Electronic Systems Director David Gratton. The Division assists yacht and superyacht owners, including those who do not have a long-term agreement in place with an electronics provider. David's expertise and his supporting team at RMK Merrill-Stevens make them a preferred choice for refits and maintenance.

RMK MS offers expertise in every area of recreational vessels, from bottom paint to electronics to class inspections. RMK MS has dual shipyards on both sides of the Miami River in the Miami Health District. The North Yard is finalizing renovations, which included the installation of a new 2,700T Pearlson shiplift. The shiplift, which is the largest in South Florida, gives owners, captains, and crews a convenient and attractive location to visit when their vessel is in need of service.

In need of a new electrical system? RMK MS is open, accepting reservations for maintenance, class inspections, refit, and repairs. Contact the shipyard here or call 305-324-5211.