RMK Merrill-Stevens Employee Spotlight: Avis Torres

RMK Merrill-Stevens Employee Spotlight: Avis Torres

“My favorite part of working for RMK MS, aside from the fact that they are the best boatyard on the Miami River, is how they treat their employees like family and treat everyone equally.”
– Avis Torres

We recently spoke with one of our newest employees on the RMK Merrill-Stevens South Yard – Avis Torres for our July 2021 Employee Spotlight. Avis Torres joined RMK Merrill-Stevens in March of 2021 as a member of the Purchasing team for RMK MS South.

The RMK MS South Yard is located at 881 NW 13th Avenue in Miami’s Health District. The yard recently underwent massive renovations, including a Parts Department that has doubled in size, new workshops, and refurbished office spaces that are now available to lease for select partners. The South Yard services vessels from 30’ – 130’, and provide refit, repair, and maintenance services.
Avis joined RMK Merrill-Stevens to grow his career and for the security a position with the company offers. When asked what he likes most about being part of the team, Avis says, “the communication we have with one another and how we mainly focus on satisfying the customers needs at all times.” Avis continues, saying, “Everyone contributes their fair share, and they offer each other support.”

When asked to describe RMK Merrill-Stevens in three words, Avis says:

• Organization
• Leadership
• Diversity

Avis has an ever-changing job that includes performing diverse tasks. “My job is to make sure any and all vessels have the correct components, parts, and elements for the project they hired us for,” says Avis. Avis’s job includes identifying a project, researching, locating, and procuring resources for a vessel. “Without resources, there is no finished project,” states Avis.
Out of the many projects that have come in and our of RMK MS in the past few months, Avis says that his favorite has been working on Hurricane’s Wake. Hurricane’s Wake is a 26’ Boston Whaler Challenger that is receiving a new custom tower.

Avis is used to working in the heat. When asked about the most unusual job he’s had before coming to RMK MS, Avis says he once worked at the zoo at a lemonade stand during the summer. One of the questions we like to ask during the Employee Spotlight is “If you could switch your job with anyone else within RMK MS, whose job would you want?” Avis says, “I wouldn’t want to switch my job with anyone else’s, I love what I do here!” We love having you here Avis! Thank you for participating in our RMK MS Employee Spotlight.
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