RMK MS North December 2020 Press Release

RMK MS North December 2020 Press Release

“100% New” RMK MS North Returning as the Superyacht Refit Center, Now Open for Business

(MIAMI, FLORIDA) Merrill-Stevens, founded in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1866, is the oldest continuously operated yacht services company in the entire state. After the company revealed drastic improvements to RMK Merrill-Stevens North, it has announced that it is transitioning into Florida’s Superyacht Refit Center.

RMK Merrill-Stevens, known for providing general maintenance to yachts and superyachts, also offers award-winning refits, class inspections, service, and more. The shipyard can haul out any vessel from 18’ to 230’ and a width of up to 50’ – a rare capability for any shipyard in South Florida.

“RMK MS North is 100% new from the front gate to the surface you walk on – every nut, bolt, screw, and electrical wire is brand new,” says RMK Merrill-Stevens Project Manager Greg Cox. One of the largest changes on the yard is a 2,700MT Pearlson shiplift, which was delivered in Q4 of 2019. The lift, built by Pearlson Shiplift Corporation, has been fully commissioned and is now operational. The lift has a uniquely wide platform and the ability to lift out catamarans with a keel to keel distance of 38’. This ability gives RMK Merrill-Stevens added capabilities that assist it with becoming Florida’s Superyacht Refit Center.

This is not the first time a Pearlson lift has found called RMK Merrill-Stevens home. Pearlson Shiplift Corporation Founder Raymond Pearlson built the innovative shiplift that helped the shipyard accomplish the impossible back in the 1950’s. The yard, located on the Miami River, faced challenges when servicing superyachts. “I was very proud of the fact that I designed components that would give that kind of service in a very difficult atmosphere,” said Raymond Pearlson about his experience building the original Pearlson shiplift at Merrill-Stevens in 1953. “There’s a great future for RMK Merrill-Stevens here.”

RMK MS North will host its opening celebration in the first quarter of 2021. Both RMK Merrill-Stevens yards have remained fully operational in 2020 without any pauses or stoppages. The shipyard has implemented new testing and safety procedures to protect employees and clients, and to prevent delays in service.

Changes at RMK MS North, according to Cox, go beyond the physical construction and capabilities of the yard. RMK MS is currently implementing a new subcontractor standard system to increase quality and safety, and to ensure integrity and professionalism. “Our new standard system was inspired by the subcontractor standard being put into motion by the MIASF and the Lauderdale Marine Center,” says Cox. “RMK MS will continue to raise the level of service in Miami, Florida, and put a lot of effort into raising the minimum standard.”

While finalizing renovations to RMK MS North, the yard became the service provider for Fisher Island Car Ferries. The yard is currently upgrading a Fisher Island ferry with coolers for the hull, a new keel, new pipework in the engine room, and a new coat of anti-fouling paint.

RMK Merrill-Stevens facilities are open and will be throughout 2021 as the massive renovation project of the North Yard is now complete. There is 450 feet of space is available for incoming vessels, a water and fire connection, and sewage pump located at each power pedestal. Power up to 480 volts with 100, 200, and 400-amp plugs are available.

Other changes around the shipyard include new benefits for clients and their crews. For captains and crews coming to the yard, the RMK MS Marketing and North teams recently created an RMK MS Local Guide. The guide offers discounts on local entertainment, shopping, restaurants, lodging, sporting events, services, and more, helping them enjoy their visit to Miami even more.  

Schedule your visit to the RMK Merrill-Stevens Shipyard in Miami’s Health District by contacting the yard at https://www.rmkmerrill-stevens.com/contact-us.

For more information about RMK Merrill-Stevens call 305-324-5211, or to learn more about RMK MS’s world-renowned shipyard, visit www.rmkmerrill-stevens.com. Keep up with RMK MS on social media through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.