September 2020 RMK Merrill-Stevens Employee Spotlight: Robert Miller

August 25, 2020
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This month, the spotlight is on Robert Miller. He is an RMK Merrill-Stevens Procurement Manager for the RMK MS North Yard. The North Yard is the new highlight of the RMK MS Shipyard and the South Florida marine industry after ownership invested over $30M in new facilities and equipment - completely transforming the yard. The North Yard is also home to the new 2,700T Pearlson shiplift, which is now the largest shiplift in South Florida.

Before joining RMK MS, Robert gained experience and stood out as a leader at other boatyards. Robert has over 16 years of experience in the maritime industry. According to Robert, "RMK MS takes the cake of being the most interesting job I've had." Robert says he has faced many challenges within himself and the company so far and is proud of the "great outcomes" he and the shipyard have achieved together.

As a full-service shipyard that services, maintains, and refits yachts and superyachts, RMK MS has a wide range of staff and a growing team. When asked who he would switch jobs with at the company if he had the chance, Robert says he wouldn't switch with anyone. "Being the parts, purchasing, or procurement manager, you become the middleman, or what I call the heart. Everything flows through us - upper management, project managers, techs, customers - we get a piece of everyone." RMK MS is currently hiring 75 new employees. Learn about the RMK MS hiring campaign and open positions here.

One question we ask each member of the RMK MS Employee Spotlight is "how would you describe RMK MS in three words?" Robert says, "hungry, growing, and essential."

Out of all of the projects Robert has assisted with so far, he says that his favorite project is, "collaborating with other team members, establishing everything a shipyard will need to run successfully, from the bathroom to a multimillion-dollar lift."

RMK Merrill-Stevens, Florida's first shipyard with roots dating back over 100 years, has a rich history. Robert states that his favorite part about working for the shipyard is "you see the previous history the originators created, and now history is being made with the new-comers keeping the legacy alive."

We thank Robert for his hard work and for helping RMK MS return to its former glory!