What’s in the Yard? RMK MS North February 2021

What’s in the Yard? RMK MS North February 2021

What’s in the Yard? RMK MS North February 2021

The RMK Merrill-Stevens Marketing Team recently spoke to RMK MS North Project Managers Brent Allsop and Jack Schneider to find out what’s in the yard. Each month, we will bring you exclusive information and updates on what’s going on behind the scenes at the Miami-based shipyards, both North and South, which are located on both sides of the Miami River in the Health District.

“Inquiries have been coming in daily,” Allsop says when asked about how busy the yard has been over the past couple of months. He continues, “People are excited about the new options we have available here, our level of service, and more.”

What’s in the Yard at RMK MS North

·         MAGNET

MAGNET, built by Metal Shark, is a 2020 158’ Metal Shark power catamaran that offers unique speed and range. The vessel was lifted by RMK MS North’s new 2,700LT Pearlson shiplift, which was able to safely lift the vessel, which has a 42’ beam.    

MAGNET is owned by an experienced and world-renowned inventor in electronic payments who holds multiple patents.

RMK MS has teamed up with Datum Rotation Machinery Services (Datum RMS) to complete driveline work. Together, we are removing the driveline shaft, and propellers, replacing stern shoot bearings, making alignments. RMK is applying Interlux Micron 99 antifouling paint to the bottom of the vessel. MAGNET came in on Tuesday, January 5, and is scheduled to depart the yard in February.

·         Coral Reef II

Coral Reef II is a 93’ 1984 research vessel, owned by Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. The vessel was hauled in on January 25, and is coming in for anti-fouling paint and driveline work from our partners at Datum RMS.

The vessel is based at RMK Merrill-Stevens, and conducts research in the Bahamas and the Caribbean. The research is done in conjunction with universities and marine biologists, and focuses on the marine environment, including sustainable fisheries, sharks, iguanas, and much more.

·         Flamingo

Flamingo came into RMK MS North on Wednesday, January 27. Flamingo is a 120’ Fisher Island Ferry vessel. The RMK MS North team will “change out the vessel’s propellers after a repower,” according to Allsop.

In addition to the projects currently in the yard, RMK MS North is working on finalizing deals to bring in more than 5 vessels, from 115’ – 157’, to the yard. Jack Schneider also stated that RMK MS is working with Magnum Marine to build composite parts for a Magnum 60’. “We are proud to work with such an iconic Miami brand and Katrin Theodoli, and look forward to future projects as well,” says Schneider.

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Stay tuned for future updates, including a “What’s in the Yard?” RMK MS South in March!