What’s in the Yard: RMK MS South Yard, July 2022

What’s in the Yard: RMK MS South Yard, July 2022

The RMK Merrill-Stevens South Yard, located on the Miami River at 881 NW 13th Ave, has started summer with a wave of new activity. According to Project Managers on the South Yard, the team has been “very busy with lots of work,” and with lots of work comes lots of interesting vessels, captains, crews, and stories.

We recently spoke with the South Yard’s Carlos, Zack, and Sadi to find out what’s been happening on the South Yard, which is across the Miami River from the RMK MS Miami Superyacht Center, formerly the North Yard.

What’s in the Yard?

We started our conversation by asking the question our marketing team gets the most, “What’s in the yard?” Carlos says, “there have been too many recent projects to remember.” According to Zack, the South Yard has been working on a lot on Pardo Yachts, an RMK MS Partner, and several sailboats. Sadi isolated a 105’ Sunseeker, which arrived in late January. The vessel needed repairs to its electrical system, carpentry work, mechanical work, and more. The multi-million-dollar mega yacht turns heads everywhere it travels and caught the attention of the South Yard team and visitors immediately. The Sunseeker is scheduled to leave the South Yard in (month leaving).

RMK Merril Stevens

Each of the South Yard team members pointed out a unique project as their favorite over the past several months. For Carlos, it was refitting the “Laurance De Barry Indulge II.” For Zack, it was the VanDutch 40 rehaul/refit, and for Sadi, the Donovan Samson (need more info here).

Every project takes an entire team to complete. Carlos has been impressed by the work ethic the South Yard team has exhibited over the past quarter and wants the labor on the yard recognized. Sadi raved about the service team and pointed to the focus on providing the highest level of customer service and services as the key to recent success. “Not only do we have a great service team; we focus on our customers AND their vessels, providing them with friendly and professional services while treating them like family, because to us, they are,” says Sadi.

In addition to the hard work of the RMK MS South Yard Team, Zack recognized the work of partner Anchor Marine. “(Anchor Marine) has been a great help with a solid attitude and great skill set to draw on,” says Zack. The team also wanted to recognize Ward’s Marine, West Marine, and Grainger.

Asked about other activity in the yard, the team responded that they’ve been working hard to prepare RMK Merrill-Stevens for hurricane season. “We’ve spent a significant amount of time getting ready for a hopefully calm hurricane season,” says Zack. This planning will ensure the yard, staff, and client vessels are prepared for and protected from incoming storms.

What’s to Love About Working for RMK MS?

Carlos’ favorite part of working at RMK MS North is the “hustle and bustle of the yard.” Zack agrees, saying there is “never a dull moment.” Zack also says that “there are always new and unique projects coming into the yard,” which give the team new opportunities to learn something new. “There’s always something to do in the yard,” adds Sadi.

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What’s to Love About Working with RMK MS?
When asked why captains and owners should work with the RMK Merrill-Stevens South Yard, Zack states the following reasons:
• Customer-service driven operations
• Full transparency
• Hustle
• Steady input/output
• Location

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To learn more about the RMK MS South Yard, visit the official South Yard page here.