For Your Next Refit, Keep in Mind

Date: Fri, Feb 1, 2019


Keep in mind the 3 c’s when considering your next refit and repair: conduct, confer and concur:

Accomplishing a refit on-time and on-budget requires the captain/vessel representative, owner, and yard to be well aligned on the scope of work. Be it a periodic maintenance or an extensive refit and repair that involve mechanical, electrical, piping/valves, hydraulic, paint,  joinery, fabrication, or interior, each job/task must be carefully defined to ensure the work can be performed to meet all expectations.

Generally the Captain and Crew remain occupied with running an exceptionally-busy yacht with a demanding schedule. There is often insufficient opportunity for comprehensive planning of a refit or major maintenance let alone creating a consensus around a large project. The out-of-service time of the yacht is meant to be minimized and all stakeholders want the project to get going the moment the vessel arrives at the yard.

A pre-refit inspection is a vital part of starting the alignment process. Shortly after the yard conducts a pre-refit vessel inspection, crew, project managers and vessels rep discuss the findings and prepare the best approach to achieve the desired results. The customer “wish list” and report of findings from inspection should be consolidated and used as a guide for the estimate/quote process. 

When considering your next refit and repair: conduct, confer and concur. First conduct a pre-refit vessel inspection. Secondly, confer on the finding of the pre-refit inspection. And thirdly, concur on a report based on the findings of the pre-refit inspection.

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