Boat Duals Electronics Mount

Boat Duals Electronics Mount

Install marine electronics on a boat

When it comes to installing marine electronics on a boat, duals is the way to go.

It allows you to mount multiple electronic units on one mount, while giving them the extra height clearance needed to tower above anything that might obstruct their views

Seaview has made it a bit easier to select the right dual mount for your needs by revamping their product line into a modular setup. All you have to do is choose the mount style and height, then you can select the bolt on top plate for your satdome, camera or search light.

Product Description

A solid and innovative way to mount your boat’s electronics, this marine-grade aluminum console panel mount is a must have. It is designed to securely hold your fishfinder, GPS, chartplotter and VHF radio. The unit is made from a high-grade aluminum with a powder coated finish and features stainless steel mounting hardware

The duals gimbal bar is supported by an adjustable support assembly that connects to the back plate of the unit and can be repositioned and angled for different viewing angles. This system is a must have for anyone who enjoys spending time on the water, especially in the rough.

A sturdy design with a unique wire guide center hole and straddle mount makes this product the best looking and most convenient boat mount on the market. It also boasts the longest straddle leg and the most unique gimble-like hole-spacing of any of its kind on the market. It is the newest member of our lineup of top quality fishing products, proudly made in the USA.

Product Features

We know you’ll love the boat duals electronics mount from RAM(r), which has been making adjustable arm mounts for decades. It’s a handsome design that can be colored to match any boat or hull, and it offers flexible mounting options.

One set of knurled knobs adjusts the arms to many angles, and another tightening pin locks them in place securely. The arms are also spring-loaded and feature detent sockets on the opposing knuckles that stop them from turning.

This boat mount is machined from billet aluminum and features a unique adjustment system that gives you options for both vertical and horizontal adjustments. It has six locking positions up and down in 90 degrees. It also has a lift & turn base that rotates every 18 degrees and a stainless steel plunger assembly. The top plate is 2’’ x 6’’ pre-drilled and tapped to fit most u-shaped mounting brackets. It can be installed at the helm, RIB console, fishing boat dashboard, nav station and more.

Product Options

There are many top-of-the-line mounts available to help you secure your electronics while on the water. Some of the most popular include RAM(r), Anglers Pal, and CISCO(r) mounts. You can also find many other marine electronic housings, including pedestal guards and pods for chartplotters. You can even find heavy-duty mounts for radars, lights and satellite domes. You can also get a boat duals electronics mount to keep multiple devices at just the right height and angle for use in various applications.

Fisheries Supply carries a wide selection of boat mounts from the best manufacturers in the industry. Shop by size, model and brand to find the right one for your boat. We stock the standard base unit with top plates for most current electronics in black and silver knobs, along with several arm lengths and all accessories to suit your needs.

Contact us today for more information. We will gladly assist you with your needs.

Product Warranty

RAM(r) Camera, Cell Phone and Tablet Mounts are a great way to protect your expensive electronics on the water. Whether you’re taking photos and video, using fishfinder apps, or keeping the kids entertained on the go, you want to be sure your devices are in the right position for maximum performance and safety. Designed with the angler in mind, this boat duals electronics mount positions your open array radar and a satcom or camera on the bow of your boat for the ultimate fishing experience. With a sturdy design, wire guide center hole, and straddle mount this is the perfect choice for the toughest conditions on the water!