Benefits of Working with RMK Merrill Stevens

RMK Merrill Stevens is transitioning from "Florida's Oldest Shipyard" to Florida's most capable and updated shipyard. After nearly two years of renovations, additions, and notable hires, RMK Merrill Stevens needs your help to complete our team.

RMK Merrill Stevens

Prospective RMK MS employees can expect the following benefits if selected to join our team:

  • Convenient commute to work in Miami's Health District

  • Company led training

  • A positive work environment

  • Growth opportunities

  • Competitive compensation

  • Healthcare benefits

Want to join one of the most modernized and accommodating shipyards in the country while furthering your career?

Available careers at RMK Merrill Stevens:


Laborers are expected to be proficient and comfortable using a tape measure, hand tools, and power tools.

Project Manager

The Project Manager at RMK Merrill Stevens is responsible for the overall project.

What It Takes to Join the RMK Merrill Stevens Team

RMK Merrill Stevens is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity, hard work, and a positive attitude. Requirements to work with RMK Merrill Stevens include the following:

  • High school diploma or GED

  • Technical degree (preferred)

  • Marine Certification(s) (preferred)

  • Bilingual (preferred)

  • At least 3+ years' experience in this role or similar within the Marine Industry

Note: Specific positions may have additional requirements.

Working for RMK Merrill Stevens also requires the ability to work in a fast-paced environment, agility to safely work in and around boats and machinery, the ability to communicate effectively with fellow employees, and the ability to complete work independently when necessary. All applicants must also pass a standard drug test.

Please apply to start your journey with RMK Merrill Stevens!

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