How to Make the Best Boat Fiberglass Repair

How to Make the Best Boat Fiberglass Repair

Basic fiberglass repair

Regardless of the type of boat you own, you'll need to repair it at some point. These repairs can be fairly inexpensive and can be done by anyone with basic fiberglass repair skills.

In general, repairing a fiberglass hull involves three steps: cutting, sanding, and resin. You should consider your boat's type and damage before attempting any repairs.

To begin, you should determine the size of the hole. If the hole is in a small area, you should not have to worry about making an extensive repair.

Next, you should clean the area around the hole to remove debris. You should also check for any additional delamination. Once you've determined the scope of the problem, you'll need to cut out the hole with a circular cut.

You'll then need to apply a small amount of resin. It's important that you're careful not to mix too much resin. You'll need to wait about 15 to 20 minutes before you paint the repair.

Once the resin is applied, it should be cured in about 24 hours. You'll need to wear chemical-resistant gloves, and you'll also need to use a respirator. If you're using a spray gun, you should use a disposable one.

You should also make sure that the resin you use is the right color for your boat. If you're unsure of this, you should contact a marine technician. He or she will help you figure out which combination of materials is best for your boat.